Shoe Dog – The Evolution of Apparel Partnerships

Hello Blog! It has been a while since I logged onto this site and with good reason. I am so insanely busy with work and graduate school, that I just do not have the time to write down my thoughts on industry news. For the last two months, I have resorted to retweets and small comments on Twitter (@nickhbennett; #SportsBiz) when industry news has occurred.

However, during this period one of my graduate projects was to take an industry-related book and write a 4-5 page analysis concerning how the book affects a chosen industry. Being that the majority of my blogs concern apparel companies and their sponsorships in sports. AND that the book I chose to read was “Shoe Dog”, the recent autobiography from Nike founder Phil Knight, you can probably guess what I wrote about…

According to the book, Knight was not a big fan of advertising and was never happy with how much money was/is required to secure an athlete’s sponsorship. What is interesting was to learn more about how these sponsorships were negotiated by in the early days of Nike (late 70s – early 80s) and how these partnerships have evolved into today’s modern day collaborations. My paper discusses this evolution and I am happy to share this with anyone interested in reading it.

Feel free to leave comments and thank you all for your support. Hopefully, I will be able to start posting more often in July, when my summer courses start to die down.

Shoe Dog Mid-Term Paper


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