Nintendo – Third in Sales, but First in Hearts

With this latest blog post, I wanted to go into a different direction and share something that I had been working on in one of my Graduate School classes. My classes has been the primary reason for the lack of consistent blog posts so far in 2017, but I really enjoyed the Brand Culture class I took last quarter and wanted to share a piece of my work from it. The final paper consisted of each student looking a “brand community”, analyzing what connects them to a particular brand, how they interact with one another, etc.

I was trying to determine how to tie this project in with a sports brand that has a strong community following, but none that I could think of really paired well with the material learned in class. So I decided to focus on an industry I still have an interest in, even at this age… video games.

Earlier this month, Nintendo released their latest home gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. Over the last decade, Nintendo has fallen behind Sony and Microsoft in the “Gaming War” that has taken place within the industry. However, those persons that love Nintendo and always purchase anything new from the company are just as passionate as ever for the Nintendo brand. Even though they are in 3rd Place in the home console sales, the brand’s fans impressed me for their loyalty, spirit and belief that the company will continue to produce gaming experiences worth playing.

Below is a link to the research paper I wrote. Please feel free to leave comments and thoughts on what I wrote, whether you are a fan, player or just want to read an interesting research paper!

Nicholas H Bennett_MKT 542_Nintendo Brand Community



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