Lucky #3 is here! – The NCAA TOURNAMENT

Podcast #3 is here and it talks a lot about the NCAA Tournament. One of my favorite times of the Sports Year! I also talk about how the Tournament really kickstarted my fascination with Sports Marketing and Branding.

Please excuse the predictions at the end of this recording, I was hoping to post this earlier in the week. Clearly I was wrong on a couple predictions!

Let me know what you think!



Recording #2 – USA, USA, USuhhhh?

Recording #2 is here! For this post, I discuss a couple of the small sample size of stories that came out at the back-half of February. In it, I discuss things like:

Let me know your thoughts!

First Recording/Podcast Format – 1st Half of February

This took me a lot longer to accomplish, but I attempted to put my latest blog post in a recorded/podcast type format. Please excuse any technical difficulties as I am not proficient in using iMovie and creating an Audio Podcast. That said, I hope you enjoy my thoughts on:

  • Kentucky’s New Secondary Logo
  • New York City FC’s New Away Kit
  • MLB Spring Training Jerseys
  • and more…

Enjoy and thank you!