Trailer Debuts: “I can’t wait til Thurs… wait, what?

UPDATE 11.28

Well, I called it! The Force Awakens teaser trailer has been released. You can view an analysis of everything revealed here, thanks to IGN.


So, I was looking forward to Thanksgiving. Not that I’m not anymore, I love the fact that my family is getting together, we will eat and drink til we can’t anymore and hopefully root the Bears to a .500 record!

But I was very excited to see the trailer debut of the new Jurassic Park (wait, it’s Jurassic World? That’ll take time to get used to). Universal debuted a teaser clip for the trailer’s debut this past weekend, announcing that it will debut during NBC’s coverage of the 49ers and Seahawks NFL game Thursday. With Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Steven Spielburg returning to help produce the film, this movie has been gaining momentum and is in line to become one of the big Blockbusters of 2015. Naturally, many people were very excited for the debut of this trailer and would be looking forward to it appearing in-between a Kaepernick TD (Fantasy Points) and the ensuing kick-off.

But of course, the Internet happened. The trailer debuted online yesterday!

This isn’t first time that’s happened this month, where a massively anticipated movie trailer has been debuted online before it’s scheduled release on TV. This month has seen the trailer debuts of three upcoming movies that have already gathered a huge following – Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fifty Shades of Grey and Jurassic World. See my previous post about the Avengers trailer’s debut here!

The Avengers and Jurassic World trailers ended up being released earlier than their scheduled Television debuts, while the Fifty Shades trailer was able to make it’s time slot with ABC’s Scandal. However, it was released onto the internet within seconds of it’s debut on the show. What this tells me is that we are well on our way to movie trailers completely forgoing television, and even movie theater debuts because most people expect trailers to debut online now. Apps like Fandango and IMDB post new trailers as they are released and even Apple has it’s own app for debuting new movie trailers. We are living in an age where trailers carry so much excitement that most people would rather get their eyes on it through a 5-inch screen than wait to see the trailer’s full view on a gigantic theater screen.

Which leads to this… The Star Wars Episode VII trailer is scheduled to debut within movie theaters around the United States this weekend. I’ll probably try to find one of these theaters this weekend and will probably more excited to see 88 seconds of this than the entire 120 minutes of Mockingjay. However, I don’t believe that will happen. I fully expect this trailer to be leaked somehow before this weekend ends and then I’ll see a full HD version online before I return to work on Monday.

So why will I venture out to the theater to try and see this trailer (along with Mockingjay)? Because I want that old experience I felt as a kid, where I was already planning on the next movie I was going to come see thanks to the trailer I just saw in front of me. I missed that feeling of being genuinely surprised by a movie’s trailer in a theater. Hopefully, I’m not the only one who thinks this.